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Poptime Creations Cinnamon & Marshmallow Flavor Popcorn: Ready to be transported? Our Marshmallow & Cinnamon combination isn't just delicious, it's reminiscent of your favorite sweet treats! This Creation has a perfect balance of natural flavors that come together to give kids and grown ups alike a great snacking experience.

Pack of 6: 5oz bags of Creations Cinnamon & Marshmallow Flavor Popcorn with only 160 calories per serving

A Kosher & Gluten-Free snack: All Poptime products are kosher & gluten-free Poptime Creations is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, whole grain, with ZERO trans fats & no preservatives!

Poptime Creations Popcorn: An indulgent blend of 2 flavors that dazzles the senses and delights your taste buds, while providing a guilt-free alternative to satisfy your cravings!

Poptime Creations - Marshmallow & Cinnamon (Case of Six - 5oz Bags)

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